Travel Diaries: Rome, in architecture

 Some stories are best told in photographs.



Copper and rose, rust and ochre. Delicate pinks and hard oranges… Rome is every shade of the most brilliant sunset you’ve seen. 


Ironwork and faded awnings accentuate the personality of each building. Orange and lemon trees flourish beneath curtains sighing against open windows.


The city’s history is as evident as its modernity.

All you have to do is look around to notice it.


So often it is the colors, tones and emotion of a place that truly connect us to it. The details remain in our minds, forming a vision, a memory. We forget the sound of traffic, the halting way we speak in a language other than our own. We forget the exhaustion of a long flight, the way a certain new flavor didn’t sit so well. 

What you’ll recall, a year or two down the road, is the way you felt. What you saw. 

So gaze out the window on the train from the airport into the city.

Walk around with your phone tucked away, eyes up and down and roaming.

When you travel, make it a point to see everything. Take it all in. Breath deep.

Open your eyes.


For more on Rome, check out Travel Diaries: Rome, Italy (part I).

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