4 steps to packing for winter travel

Ah, winter. A beautiful time of year. Fresh snow crunching beneath your boots, the dance of a candle against a window splattered with grey rain... One of the most delicious sensations of the season is the joy of wrapping yourself in a giant, warm coat, or swirling a scarf around your instantly-warmer neck. Chunky sweaters… Continue reading 4 steps to packing for winter travel

how to stay healthy despite holiday travel and stress

Unless you have a perfect immune system, it's pretty likely that you understand the distress of falling ill during the holidays. If you are travelling, your sleep schedule is often disrupted, you encounter strange foods, and you are exerting a lot more energy participating in holiday events- and I don't even want to get started… Continue reading how to stay healthy despite holiday travel and stress

books to read this month

One of the most beautiful things about December is the space it provides for curling up indoors and reading a delicious book, something that totally absorbs you. You might wind down after a busy weekday by falling asleep with a classic, or take refuge from an onslaught of bad weather in by reading in your… Continue reading books to read this month