on moving across the country & outgrowing a city

I began writing this piece last summer, when I returned to Seattle for a few days after having been in Texas over a year. Everyone who has moved between cities has a story, or at least a collection of observations. These are mine. - After four hours in the air, I make my way towards… Continue reading on moving across the country & outgrowing a city

thoughts & being in Greece

I've fallen for Athens because it is so like the cities I've already loved. The prevalence of coffee houses, the laid back way of lingering over a meal or drink, the New York attitude of 'do your thing, no one gives a shit'. Mountain ranges, craggy and welcoming in the distance, circle Athens. Dusty trails… Continue reading thoughts & being in Greece

reflections: a year of exploration

2018 was transformative. New places, new people, a dramatic leap from living on Seattle's Capitol Hill to suburban Houston. Sometimes a change in our environment is all it takes to spark some introspection; which, if you let it, can be the stone that ripples the water. Take the risk. Shatter your reflection and see what… Continue reading reflections: a year of exploration