on moving across the country & outgrowing a city

I began writing this piece last summer, when I returned to Seattle for a few days after having been in Texas over a year. Everyone who has moved between cities has a story, or at least a collection of observations. These are mine. - After four hours in the air, I make my way towards… Continue reading on moving across the country & outgrowing a city

experiencing Alki

We used paper Starbucks cups to build castles in the sand.   As children my siblings and I were so proud of these already collapsing towers, knowing they'd be lapped up by the approaching tide hours after their creation. They were beautiful despite their transitory existence- maybe because of it. We delighted in the ability… Continue reading experiencing Alki

the best 7 coffee shops in downtown Seattle

Seattle is known for its abundance of coffee houses. Whether you're into small businesses, organic coffee or brand name giants, there's something here for you. So with such an embarrassment of riches, where is one to head for the best coffee experience in downtown Seattle? Hint: it's not Starbucks. Here are some wonderful options for… Continue reading the best 7 coffee shops in downtown Seattle