thoughts & being in Greece

I've fallen for Athens because it is so like the cities I've already loved. The prevalence of coffee houses, the laid back way of lingering over a meal or drink, the New York attitude of 'do your thing, no one gives a shit'. Mountain ranges, craggy and welcoming in the distance, circle Athens. Dusty trails… Continue reading thoughts & being in Greece

HEAT: the end of summer in Texas

Some thoughts and advice. Choosing to live near Houston in the summer is akin to willingly stepping into a sauna and closing the door for six months. So, yes, by summer I mean April through October. Come visit during one of these months and tell me I'm wrong. Living in this kind of heat makes… Continue reading HEAT: the end of summer in Texas

why I’m obsessed with the marathon

I love seeing the number 26.2 in bold on bumper stickers, written across T shirts and engraved on rubber bracelets. To be honest, I'm thinking about getting it tattooed on my wrist. It's a strange number, if you aren't a runner. A lot of people, when I tell them I've run a marathon, ask me… Continue reading why I’m obsessed with the marathon