Breakfast In Paris

Around mid-morning, French cookbook author Anne met us at a classic French boulangerie- a place that only uses sourdough, she explained, so their bread has less gluten and is healthier. "Us" meaning myself and three other lovely American tourists, who had each paid about $70 through Airbnb's new experience feature for Anne to show us… Continue reading Breakfast In Paris

Travel Diaries: Paris in January (part 2)

Paris is gritty. I think as tourists, as travelers, we have this idea of Paris as a light, romantic, colorful city. And it many ways it is, with its pastel shopfronts, wrought iron balconies and beautiful architecture. However, it's still a big city, and an international hub- in other words, there's a less-rosy side to… Continue reading Travel Diaries: Paris in January (part 2)

Travel Diaries: Paris in January (part 1)

Who visits Paris in January? The thing about Paris in the winter is that it's preferable to remain indoors. A lot of people aren't interested in strolling along the Seine when your socks are squelching every time you press them into your shoes. That said, if you keep an eye on the forecast and pack… Continue reading Travel Diaries: Paris in January (part 1)