the best 7 coffee shops in downtown Seattle

Seattle is known for its abundance of coffee houses. Whether you're into small businesses, organic coffee or brand name giants, there's something here for you. So with such an embarrassment of riches, where is one to head for the best coffee experience in downtown Seattle? Hint: it's not Starbucks. Here are some wonderful options for… Continue reading the best 7 coffee shops in downtown Seattle

Bastille Day 2017

Bonjour! In case you didn't know, the day before yesterday was la fête de la Bastille! Bastille Day is the French Independence day, which falls on le quatorze de julliet every year, marking the day during the French Revolution when the Bastille was stormed in 1789. When I went to Paris last summer I actually stayed in the area near where… Continue reading Bastille Day 2017