Oaxaca, Mexico

How do you describe a trip that has changed the way you see the world? Some experiences can't be put into words. At least, I don't ever feel like I have the words to do them justice. Experiences are built from the unfolding of events and the emotions that tie a person to them. Who was… Continue reading Oaxaca, Mexico

why I’m obsessed with the marathon

I love seeing the number 26.2 in bold on bumper stickers, written across T shirts and engraved on rubber bracelets. To be honest, I'm thinking about getting it tattooed on my wrist. It's a strange number, if you aren't a runner. A lot of people, when I tell them I've run a marathon, ask me… Continue reading why I’m obsessed with the marathon

why going for a run is the best way to get to know a place

I love the feeling of stepping off a plane into a yet-unexplored part of the world. I love the subtle shift in language, how you start your day surrounded by your mother tongue and gradually, through security lines and long flights, become surrounded by something foreign. It excites the mind. You start to recognize the… Continue reading why going for a run is the best way to get to know a place

in search of solitude

You hear a lot about "the loneliness of the long distance runner." Which makes it sound like a bad thing, but... I crave that solitude.   I walked through downtown Seattle recently, unable to run and trying to merge errands with a pleasant walk by the water. It surprised me how quickly I became frustrated… Continue reading in search of solitude