Hi, everyone! I’m Kenaia (ken-I-uh) Neumann .

I am a writer, world traveler, marathoner and full-time dreamer. You can usually find me running, blogging or adventuring in general. One of my favorite things to do is explore new places, and I’ve dedicated my life to figuring out how to spend as much time as possible doing that.

I grew up in the beautiful city of Seattle, Washington, mostly running and writing but also¬†dreaming of the day I’d get to board a plane.

My senior year of high school, after spending two years bagging groceries and cleaning fecal matter from sinks (true story) to save money, I flew to New York on a school trip. A few weeks later, I went on another school trip to China, where I stayed in Beijing for a week and with a host family in Chongqing for another.

I was hooked.

That fall I said goodbye to my friends and family and flew to Singapore, where I spent a year studying business.

School wasn’t the right thing for me at this point in time, but I was addicted to this living-in-another-country thing.

I moved back to Seattle to save money, then tried to move again, this time to Europe. I made it through Reykjavik and Paris, plus a bit of the French countryside, before it hit home that the timing was wrong (you can read that story here).

I spent a bit longer in Seattle, moving up in an admittedly still low-level job, running marathons, clinging to what had once been home… but it had changed.

I had changed.

I love travel because it teaches you so much, not only about the world but about yourself.

Now I am ready to go again. I want to travel the world filled with love and excitement. To go running in beautiful places across the planet. To meet people who lives their lives so differently than mine, people who have things to teach me.

My goal is to strive every day to achieve these dreams, while showing everyone who thinks their grand ideas are “too big” just how capable they really are.

I have some time left in Seattle before I’ll be moving on to my next adventure… So stay tuned!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you leave off reading my words and are inspired to buy that plane ticket, start that business, sing onstage… You know what your heart is craving.

Go after it.