strong / 13.1

I stood, shivering, surrounded by men who were taller than me, all of them lean and muscled or at least older, glancing sideways at the tiny chick who’d positioned herself next to them on the starting line. I bent down probably five or six times to retie my shoelaces, a nervous pre-race habit I’ve had […]

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it’s going to hurt anyway

…so why not push yourself a little bit harder? Let me explain. I was recently lucky enough to participate in a Ragnar event in Hill Country, Texas. I am still unsure if this is the name of the area or a term for the terrain, but either way, a beautiful place to do some trail […]

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running in the rain

How do you react when the forecast, prior to your run, predicts rain…? I smile, and wait for the sky to break open.   Nothing feels so pure as the challenge weather often poses us. Running in the rain is best when you are emotional, when you want to feel something and you want it […]

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Oaxaca, Mexico

How do you describe a trip that has changed the way you see the world? Some experiences can’t be put into words. At least, I don’t ever feel like I have the words to do them justice. Experiences are built from the unfolding of events and the emotions that tie a person to them. Who was […]

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running as a form of art

Tell me, if you can- who defines art? Who are the ones who say that art is x, y, z; who educate youth of a certain disposition to critique and analyze art in a certain way? I’ve been in museums all over the world, and seen people place the label of “art” above all sorts […]

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