Breakfast at The Edgewater

My grandmother and I are both early risers. The other day we met up for breakfast and were rudely reminded that the rest of the world doesn’t get up as early as we do… none of the eateries we could think of were open until 11 or 11:30. After a bit of driving, we decided […]

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Bastille Day 2017

Bonjour! In case you didn’t know, the day before yesterday was la fête de la Bastille! Bastille Day is the French Independence day, which falls on le quatorze de julliet every year, marking the day during the French Revolution when the Bastille was stormed in 1789. When I went to Paris last summer I actually stayed in the area near where […]

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The Lupine Lady

When I was young, my grandparents read to me.  I recall certain stories time and again in the nuances of their voices, the personas they would take on for each new character. I had to ask my grandfather what he meant when Brer Rabbit threatened to give the Tar Baby “a lickin’” in one of […]

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Discovering Redmond

Redmond, WA is not the first place Seattleites think of when they want to check out a nearby city. We’re more likely to head to Vancouver or Portland, eschewing the smaller cities in favor of places with hipster coffee shops and organic grocery stores. Around here, Remond is pretty much known for two things- Microsoft […]

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