Travel Diaries: New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is like the dirty cousin New York and Paris grew up with. Big cities love their kin but frown when the holidays come around and it shows up with torn stockings and a gleam in its eye. The prankster, the practical joker, the gorgeous but rebellious teenager. There's elegance in the veins of… Continue reading Travel Diaries: New Orleans, Louisiana

it’s going to hurt anyway why not push yourself a little bit harder? Let me explain. I was recently lucky enough to participate in a Ragnar event in Hill Country, Texas. I am still unsure if this is the name of the area or a term for the terrain, but either way, a beautiful place to do some trail… Continue reading it’s going to hurt anyway

experiencing Alki

We used paper Starbucks cups to build castles in the sand.   As children my siblings and I were so proud of these already collapsing towers, knowing they'd be lapped up by the approaching tide hours after their creation. They were beautiful despite their transitory existence- maybe because of it. We delighted in the ability… Continue reading experiencing Alki