I have always wanted to see the world.   I’ve always believed the best way to experience a place is to immerse yourself in it. The best way to understand people (and your own self among others) is to step into their shoes.   There is so much beauty, so much culture so much life […]

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experiencing Alki

We used paper Starbucks cups to build castles in the sand.   As children my siblings and I were so proud of these already collapsing towers, knowing they’d be lapped up by the approaching tide hours after their creation. They were beautiful despite their transitory existence- maybe because of it. We delighted in the ability […]

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A Weekend in Portland

As much as I love long periods of international travel, there’s something to be said about spending a weekend in a nearby city. Last weekend my boyfriend, Landon and I headed down to Portland, a 4 hour bus ride from Seattle. We only had to be there for a few days, for an RRCA (Road […]

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how growing up in a family of outdoorsy camping nerds fostered my love of international travel

In retrospect, the realization that my parents were travelers at heart should not have surprised me… my siblings and I were all named after beautiful places (Kenai is an Alaskan peninsula). I grew up in a family that loved anything related to the outdoors. I have many memories of sliding down a giant plastic fish […]

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Breakfast at The Edgewater

My grandmother and I are both early risers. The other day we met up for breakfast and were rudely reminded that the rest of the world doesn’t get up as early as we do… none of the eateries we could think of were open until 11 or 11:30. After a bit of driving, we decided […]

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Bastille Day 2017

Bonjour! In case you didn’t know, the day before yesterday was la fête de la Bastille! Bastille Day is the French Independence day, which falls on le quatorze de julliet every year, marking the day during the French Revolution when the Bastille was stormed in 1789. When I went to Paris last summer I actually stayed in the area near where […]

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