meditations: why do we run?

When you’re a runner, people always ask why. It’s a question posed by people who don’t run, obviously. No offense to you. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of people assume we run to get away from something. To punish ourselves, perhaps. Why else would you spend hours panting as you propel yourself […]

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reflections: a year of exploration

2018 was transformative. New places, new people, a dramatic leap from living on Seattle’s Capitol Hill to suburban Houston. Sometimes a change in our environment is all it takes to spark some introspection; which, if you let it, can be the stone that ripples the water. Take the risk. Shatter your reflection and see what […]

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there are no rules

  The greatest gift you could give yourself is to remember, each day, that there are no rules when it comes to how you live your life. Remind yourself of this. So many people forget. There is no one person dictating who you can or cannot become there are only the limitations you set upon yourself […]

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strong / 13.1

I stood, shivering, surrounded by men who were taller than me, all of them lean and muscled or at least older, glancing sideways at the tiny chick who’d positioned herself next to them on the starting line. I bent down probably five or six times to retie my shoelaces, a nervous pre-race habit I’ve had […]

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