running as a form of art

Tell me, if you can- who defines art? Who are the ones who say that art is x, y, z; who educate youth of a certain disposition to critique and analyze art in a certain way? I’ve been in museums all over the world, and seen people place the label of “art” above all sorts […]

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in search of solitude

You hear a lot about “the loneliness of the long distance runner.” Which makes it sound like a bad thing, but… I crave that solitude.   I walked through downtown Seattle recently, unable to run and trying to merge errands with a pleasant walk by the water. It surprised me how quickly I became frustrated […]

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the over-accessorized runner

I’m sure you know one. They trot along with a watch strapped to each wrist so they can track their heart rate, pace, elevation gain, exact GPS mileage and goodness knows what else. In addition, two bright headphone wires snake out from their ears, eliminating all outside sound so all they can hear is the […]

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your new workout playlist

Hey friends! I don’t know about you, but a few times a year my workout playlist seems to need a refresh and I spend hours scrolling through lists of motivating music to see what catches my eye- or ear, I guess. When I’m running I often go without earbuds, but as I’ve been stuck on […]

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