eavesdropping in Italian cafes

Sometimes I imagine I am someone else. This is why we travel, isn’t it? Or, one of the reasons, I suppose. To see what it would be like to have been born some place other, to imagine how our lives would have unfolded had our parents not shared an elevator in their college dorm that […]

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sound: to transform a moment

Have you ever watched a film with the sound turned off? It changes the whole experience. Frightening scenes aren’t as scary, and emotional moments pull fewer tears from our eyes. We add music to our lives to change the way we experience things. I am the proud owner of a battered red iPod shuffle that […]

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from Mirriam-Webster: “an interruption in time or continuity” a break from everything. time to step back from the day-to-day, the pressure, the rush. space to breathe. enough freedom to distance yourself from your life for a moment, so that you might reexamine, assess. make changes, or not. on the way to becoming all that we […]

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TIR and the meaning of team

Teammates. Friends. Fellow runners. We wake up before dawn and chase the sunrise together or gather to loosen our limbs after work, sharing stories over drinks. These are the people that see you at your best, and your worst whether you’re high off a PR or devastated by an injury this is your support system […]

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