from Mirriam-Webster: “an interruption in time or continuity” a break from everything. time to step back from the day-to-day, the pressure, the rush. space to breathe. enough freedom to distance yourself from your life for a moment, so that you might reexamine, assess. make changes, or not. on the way to becoming all that we […]

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TIR and the meaning of team

Teammates. Friends. Fellow runners. We wake up before dawn and chase the sunrise together or gather to loosen our limbs after work, sharing stories over drinks. These are the people that see you at your best, and your worst whether you’re high off a PR or devastated by an injury this is your support system […]

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a story about becoming fast

When you run fast- when you place at or win races, when your times start to match those of individuals who are already known as being fast, talented runners… it’s easy to develop a reputation as someone who is just plain fast, who is built for the sport and simply talented. I have recently become […]

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meditations: on competition

Racing terrifies me. It always has. Races matter to me and I have goals. As anyone who has any kind of goal will understand, going out to reach for them is one of those things that cause your stomach to flip, because there’s a risk you might not make it. But that’s what brings us […]

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