a return

I guess it’s time to get my camera out again. Blogging feels emptier without photography, somehow.

I stopped writing online in 2020. The pandemic and a series of life changes made it seem like a futile endeavor. Nothing I felt I could write about seemed to matter in comparison to what the world was going through. What, in a sense, the world has always been going through- which I had either been naive to or so accustomed to that I did not see then.

A lot has changed in the past two years. For me, for the world, for everyone I know.

So I come back to blogging with a renewed perspective.

I used to write a lot about my travels- travels which ceased, initially, because of the pandemic, and then because of life’s shifting priorities.

I thought about coming back to writing here often, but continued to feel that sense of deep inadequacy that comes with facing a blank screen in a world with so much going on. Who was I to write anything on the internet in times like these? Who was I to think people might want to read about random adventures in Texas, peruse detailed accounts of various marathons, or consume anything that wasn’t informative and worldly?

Until I realized that’s exactly what I was looking for when I went online.

I wanted a reprieve from tragic news headlines and political battles. I wanted a break from the feeling of exhaustion and burnout that came from trying to be on top of all the information, all the time. Don’t get me wrong- it’s important to know about what’s going on in the world. It is important to participate, to speak up, to help create change where you want to see it.

But we can’t do much of that if we’re so burnt out from it all that we are losing hope.

A few weeks ago I started a course on new media and publication. One of the requirements was that we create a blog or website for ourselves as authors. This served as the last nudge for me to open this site back up, start writing again and decide to be a fun place on the internet for people like me.

People who are runners, writers, creators, adventurers. People who still love life despite everything, people who want to explore the world around them, people who want to know more about themselves.

So if this is you, follow along! I’m excited to be back, and I’m excited to have you along for the ride. I hope to inspire and encourage you, and build a community that is open-minded and curious. If you’re a runner, great, because I talk a lot about running. If you’re not, join me anyway because there’s a lot that comes from running that we can relate to other areas in life.

I’m excited to write again, hopeful that this blog can be something people look forward to reading. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or just want to say hi, send me a note at kenaiawrites@gmail.com.

As always, thanks for reading! See you soon.

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