on positive energy and choosing your fate

If you need a dose of inspiration, here it is.

You are alive, and that is beautiful. One day, you won’t be.

When you die, will you have any regrets?

I’m not talking the kind of regrets that you can’t control- if your time is up before you got to do or see x y and z well, it happens. 

But how much did you try?

In every moment we are here on this earth there is a chance we might not be here the next. 

So why do so many of us waste the beautiful time we have letting ourselves fade into the background?

Too often we waste our days wanting, seeking. We complain about things that are outside of our control, or things we’ve chosen without realizing we could have chosen otherwise.

I’m guilty of this too- nobody’s perfect.

But I want to live fully. I want everyone to live fully.

It’s so simple. Honestly.

Shift your perspective.

You are in charge of your emotions.

This is important, because ultimately the way you feel influences the way you’re going to act, which is what’s going to shape the direction of your life.

Are you unhappy?

Change it. Because you, stuck in the mud of your distaste for the world, are the only thing keeping you there.

We spend a lot of time blaming others for our misfortunes. Blaming circumstances. Sure, there are some things we’re stuck with, but it’s our attitude that determines the way our lives unfold. Life is a balancing act. You’ve got to find the line between doing the smart things, the job and the bills and the day-to-day maintenance that will ensure you are still living well tomorrow, and the crazy, wild free things that belong to your soul. I don’t recommend obsessing about your weight, but you have to eat moderately healthy if you want to live well. I don’t think traditional education is right for everyone, but if you want to earn a living you have to put work into your career.

So, there are some things you need to do. Sometimes the most positive way of looking at those things is to remember that they serve a purpose.

But you also have to be brave and take risks. You also have to do the scary things and the exciting things if you want to live the way you desire. This is the work that requires your positive energy, the firm belief that things are going to work out in the best way even if you can’t see how in the moment. Why? Because you are choosing to take steps toward the things you want to see come to life. Your fate is not some predetermined road you’re trapped on but a path you build brick by brick.

Stand confident in your path.

Tell the people you love how you feel even if it makes you uncomfortable, because one day they might not be there. Go experience the things you want to experience, now. Stop burying yourself in excuses about how you can’t do it, it’s too hard, etc. You know why?

Because the energy you put into the world is the energy you are going to attract. It’s really that simple. If you wake up and see rain clouds gathered before your window like the frown of a storm, you could groan and let their shadows overwhelm you. If you view life as a negative experience it will present itself to you accordingly.

So when you choose positivity, when you choose courage and honesty and love, you attract all of these things to your doorstep.

Be brave enough to choose the direction of your life.

Sometimes it’s not easy. Actually, often it’s not. It’s tough to stand in the darkness of the challenges that are placed before you and remind yourself that you are the one carrying the light.

But of course, you know all this, consciously or not. All this is obvious. I haven’t told you a damn thing that somewhere deep in your soul doesn’t know already.

We forget, though, so easily. Otherwise more of us would be living based on the honesty residing within us, making decisions based on love and truth instead of fear and insecurity. We would examine our experiences through a more positive lens, asking what they could teach us, or simply being grateful for their beauty.

When you choose to remain positive, you are taking ownership of your fate. You are opening the door to the enormity of the world that lies before you and letting it in.

I don’t think we should live our lives rooted in the fear that, oh my gosh, tomorrow I might die but… 

Consider this a reminder. Every day is a choice. Your reaction to everything that happens in your life is a choice.

What if you were going to die tomorrow? What would you choose to do, say or be… today?

Choose the positive, no matter how difficult in any given moment.

It has the potential to change your life.

A playlist to lift you up…

Photography and makeup by Meissa Neumann.

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